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Monday, September 27, 2010


Everyone's so up about optimism these days on this Blogger website.  Optimism sucks, and I'm going against the norm with a pessimistic blog.  I'm avant-garde.

On a semi-related note, back when I was in high school, mainstream ideals were something I could never get behind.  Basically, if anything was popular, I hated it. One step ahead of the world.  Guess what?  Everyone's a hipster.  Being a hipster is cool now.  Hipsters are down with the counterculture and hate the mainstream.  So its cool to to not be in with the cool.  Anti-conformity is just conformity.  Funny how this world works?

Where might I be going with this, you ask?  The answer is very simple.

I was a hipster before it was cool.


  1. Hipster: We're different! We don't wear mainstream clothes, but if you don't look like this then you're not stylish. We all listen to the same obscure music, but we're different because it's not mainstream music. Hurrr Derp.